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Mohawk Valley Vikings

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Welcome! to the web site of the Mohawk Valley Vikings football team, members of the New York Amateur Football League (N.Y.A.F.L.).
As an organization our primary goal is to provide post- college and high school athletes an avenue to continue playing organized, highly challenging (semi-professional level) football for a well-organized team in a well-organized league. Additionally, we seek to have our home games serve as a source of family entertainment and community pride for the Mohawk Valley- from Rome & Oneida to Little Falls & Dolgeville, and Boonville & Waterville to the North & South. Our regular season runs from early July thru mid-September over a ten game schedule. We play six Home Games on Saturday evenings- 7:30 p.m- at Waterville Central School, in Waterville, N.Y.

We encourage new players, coaches, and sponsors to join us in continuing to develop a first-rate program. New players are always welcome, as personal and occupational conditions don't always allow veteran players to return each year, or attend all games. Practices are held twice a week. Since we are an amateur, non-profit organization, we rely on the continued financial support of our many Mohawk Valley Community sponsors to meet most of our operational goals and help put a team on the field to be proud of. We would like to sincerely thank all of our past and present sponsors, large and small, who've faithfully and generously supported the team. YOU have enabled us to play and complete two full seasons of football- we've successfully covered all expenses!  We look forward to your continued support.

Our goal is to secure full, major corporate or private sponsors. In return we offer local and state exposure as we play our complete schedule (YOUR "Name", colors, logo, mascot,etc., become the team's). If any business, corporation or individual is interested, please phone us (315) 736-4725, or e-mail us at for complete details  Being a non-profit enterprise, any advertisments or sponsorships are a tax deduction, and convey a positive community/public image towards acommunity-based enterprise such as ours. Our six home games where sponsors are regularly announced and advertised before a crowd of hundreds provide an excellent exposure for any business. The VIKINGS play in the 7 team N.Y.A.F.L., representing the Mohawk Valley against teams from Batavia, Buffalo,Gloversville, Rochester, Schenectady and Syracuse.
To new player candidates, as you consider becoming a part of our program, remember this: If you play with us, you will make us a better team; If you decide not to play, we'll still be playing ten games of football and loving every game we play! So, if you REALLY WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL, GIVE US A CALL!

Jerry Loftis, General Manager
(315) 736-4725

MV Vikings 2005